Construction Job Outlook Points to Continued Growth

Gradual improvement throughout 2012 and into 2013 offers construction job seekers some relief, according to a new report by Residential and commercial construction have improved during the past year with indicators pointing to continued growth.

“Newly created jobs in the construction industry provide opportunities for candidates with a diverse range of qualifications and skill sets,” says Tony Lee, publisher, “A construction manager/site superintendent is one such career and one of the most lucrative in the sector with a median annual salary of $82,790.”

In recent years, construction workers with specialized trade skills have been the most in-demand amid the industry’s tumultuous times, U.S. Department of Labor statistics show. BLS projections suggest most specialty trade careers will grow over the national average in the next seven to 10 years. That means 20 to 25 percent more opportunities for carpenters, electricians and plumbers. Contributing to the growth of these fields are the options they offer. Some skilled workers are independent contractors with whom construction companies employ on an individual basis. Other companies choose to staff their own, full-time skilled trade workers.

Candidates entering into the sector should to consider international opportunities. Spending a year or two abroad gives workers “a different perspective,” which stands out on a resume and in interviews. Australia, China and New Zealand are three nations where construction industries have remained strong during global economic turbulence.’s best construction jobs for 2013 and their median annual salary:

  • ARCHITECT: $73,090
  • BRICKMASON: $46,440
  • CARPENTER: $39,940
  • CIVIL ENGINEER: $79,340
  • COST ESTIMATOR: $58,860
  • DRAFTER: $47,870
  • ELECTRICIAN: $49,840
  • PLUMBER: $49,140
  • PROJECT MANAGER: $77,890

Read’s full report, “Best Jobs in Construction”.

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