Convert Display Lighting with Lens System

Litetronics' CONVERTIBLE Lens SystemLitetronics' CONVERTIBLE Lens System

Litetronics' CONVERTIBLE Lens System

Litetronics’ CONVERTIBLE Lens System

LITETRONICS International, a manufacturer of innovative, energy-efficient long-life lighting products, has introduced the CONVERTIBLE Lens System to quickly convert LED PARFECTION PAR38, PAR30LN and PAR30 LED bulbs to a 15 degree spot, or a 28 degree flood, or a 40 degree wide flood beam angle. Now retail store operators can convert their display lighting and museum curators can convert their exhibit lighting as needed to meet their changing display requirements over time.

To convert a lens, simply unscrew the three screws holding the current clear plastic lens in place on the bulb; install the new lens using the molded-in alignment post guidel then screw-in the three screws to hold the new lens in place. An illustrated, easy-to-follow conversion instruction sheet is provided.

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