Daikin Applied Announces Portfolio, Product Name Change

Daikin Applied has announced a portfolio and product name change that captures its mission to ensure building owners get the most from their HVAC systems. Intelligent Solutions is the new business name replacing Systems and Controls within the Daikin Applied portfolio. Additionally, Daikin Applied’s MicroTech Integrated Systems will now become Intelligent Systems.

Intelligent Solutions brings Intelligent Equipment and Intelligent Systems together to put factory know how in customers’ hands, streamline HVAC system installation and unit management, and ultimately, strengthen their bottom line.

Both offerings in the Intelligent Solutions portfolio address HVAC management needs. Intelligent Equipment works at the HVAC unit level, giving customers with packaged rooftops and air cooled chillers visibility into their HVAC unit performance. With Intelligent Systems working at the system level, customers who operate small-to-mid-sized buildings gain the power of system controls without the cost of a full building automation system (BAS).

Intelligent Solutions are plug-and-play and have an intuitive user interface that allows use wherever you are. They can increase the efficiency of your HVAC equipment, reduce the total cost of ownership, and even eliminate the need for BAS. By addressing customer needs with offerings that align to what customers need, Daikin is delivering solutions with the promise of control and simplicity for their HVAC solutions.

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