Enlighted Smart Sensor Deployments Reach 320 Million Square Feet

Enlighted, a provider of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for commercial buildings and healthcare facilities, announced it has realized growth in the deployments of its smart sensors from 210 million square feet to more than 320 million square feet.

“The company’s execution, product strategy, strategic partnerships and Siemens’ commitment to accelerate our innovation and global presence collectively drove growth throughout 2019,” says Stefan Schwab, CEO of Enlighted. “Also, a direct result of more deployments and use cases is customers can clearly see the IoT vision and get confirmation on the immediate benefits of IoT like transforming the occupant experience, optimizing the use of real estate and resources, and lowering energy and operating costs. We see this growth momentum continuing in 2020 and beyond to increase our deployments and expand IoT software applications.”

Enlighted continued to strengthen its technology offering in 2019 and made IoT more accessible to the built environment. Recognizing building requirements and occupant needs change over time, Enlighted began offering its lighting control and building IoT platform in three upgradeable configurations with the launch of Enlighted One. Enlighted One – a wireless controls system – installs and programs with ease, helping unlock an entire ecosystem of IoT applications whenever the time is right. These developments further established its position in the commercial IoT space.

Additionally, strategic alliances with other leading technology and application partners are helping to drive growth. In late 2019, Enlighted partnered with Comfy, a provider of global workplace experience solutions for smarter workspaces. This integration yields an intelligent desk reservation system to enhance activity-based workplaces and maximize space utilization. Enlighted also partnered with EIR Healthcare, a modular innovation firm, to bring IoT technology – including real-time location services – to its MedModular patient rooms.

Industry awards continue to recognize Enlighted’s innovation advancements. It won the 2019 Smart and Connected SSL Enabling Technologies Sapphire Award for its fifth-generation sensor and the Frost & Sullivan 2019 New Product Innovation Award for its building IoT technology.

Schwab shares, “2019 has been a successful year for Enlighted. Significantly expanding our application square footage is a meaningful accomplishment and a tangible measurement of our success beyond the industry awards along with new partnerships and the launch of our upgradeable lighting control and IoT configurations. We are exceptionally grateful to our passionate team, our partners and customers for a successful decade.”

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