Floor-Standing Furniture Offers Additional Storage

Duravit floor-standing furniture

Duravit floor-standing furniture

Duravit is revamping its Happy D.2, Vero, L-Cube, and X-Large collections to include floor-standing furniture. By adding vanities and cabinets with legs to these lines, Duravit is offering additional storage solutions, thanks to an extended length that the legs can support. The floor-standing pieces maintain the clean lines for which these Duravit collections are known, with the benefit of added storage and ease of installation.
For the furniture legs, Duravit selected a die-cast zinc material that keeps with the clean aesthetic. Products are available in two- and four-leg variants, and legs may be installed parallel to the piece, with the wider side showing, or perpendicular. The base legs are height-adjustable, and can compensate for uneven floors or walls. The floor-standing units provide greater storage space thanks to their extended length.

Collections now featuring floor-standing furniture are:
Happy D.2: Created by Sieger Design. The pieces have a signature “D” shape with a range of finishes, including a Linen finish.
L-Cube: This series approaches bathroom design with a modern sensibility, allowing users to implement the furniture as building blocks and create the best layout for their lifestyles. L-Cube features design touches, such as a shadow gap on the fronts and sides of the furniture and more than 30 finishes.
Vero: The Vero collection is designed by Kurt Merki Jr., Vero showcases a rectangular shape. Special features of the furnishings include LED lighting, Bluetooth integration, and front-facing towel racks.
X-Large: First introduced in 2000, the X-Large series is a staple in Duravit’s product library. The furniture is defined by a geometric shape that offers storage.

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