Free Web and Mobile Apps Assist with Structural Requirements

Simpson Strong-Tie has recently added many free web and mobile apps and online calculators, giving customers quick access to product information and tools that result in time and cost savings. The company’s latest technology offering is available on its website.

Recent updates and additions include:

Updated Holdown Selector Web App
Holdown connectors are typically used to anchor shearwall segments against overturning. The Holdown Selector web app is a quick and easy tool that selects the most cost-effective holdown connector based on the type of installation, demand load and the wood species of the post. The Holdown Selector specifies the Simpson Strong-Tie connector needed to complete a project based on the installation method and demand load that is inputted. The updated app now includes an expandable list of holdown options, SCL column support, and rim joist models. Access the Holdown Selector app.

Redesigned Coil Strap Calculator Web Apps
Simpson Strong-Tie coil straps are designed to transfer tension loads for a wide range of applications. The redesigned Coil Strap Designer specifies the most effective coil strap for a given demand load and determines the number of nails required for a particular application. The Coil Strap Cut Length Calculator determines the cut length of a coil strap and the total amount of coil strap needed for the construction project. The Coil Strap Length Calculator provides the end length, clear span, cut length, total number of nails and total linear feet of strap required to complete a project. Use the coil strap calculators.

New Slope and Skew Online Calculator
Determining the slope and skew angles related to hip and valley beams can be a challenge made even more difficult when the roof slopes on each side of the hip or valley are different. The new online Simpson Strong-Tie Slope and Skew Calculator makes it easy by performing all of the necessary calculations for each hanger condition in the roof. Simply enter the roof pitches and press the “calculate” button, and the app will supply the direction and precise angles for the framing members as well as the connectors. Access the calculator.

Updated Dealer Locator Mobile App
Designed to save customers time and money, the Dealer Locator mobile app helps find the location of the closest Simpson Strong-Tie dealer based on the user’s location. The app is available for the U.S. and now Canadian customers and includes such information as the distance from your location and directions to the dealer, the Simpson Strong-Tie product lines offered and the dealer’s website, phone number and other relevant contact information. The updated version of the app adds the ability to search by city and state, along with ZIP code. The Dealer Locator is a native app for iPhone and iPad. Other mobile users can use the mobile-optimized Dealer Locator.

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