GBI Seats Consensus Body to Develop Green Globes Assessment Protocol for Existing Buildings

The Green Building Initiative (GBI) has seated a Consensus Body for Existing Buildings for its American National Standards Institute- (ANSI-) approved consensus process that will develop BSR/GBI 02-202x, Green Globes Assessment Protocol for Existing Buildings (new standard).

“Even during these trying times of the pandemic, we have had the great fortune to receive applications from highly qualified individuals for our consensus body, subcommittees and task groups,” states Brenda Steinhauer, life safety Coordinator and quality manager for W.A. Richardson Builders LLC and current chair of GBI’s Standards Committee. “From this pool of applicants, we have selected a slate of 13 members to serve on GBI’s Consensus Body for Existing Buildings. As we kick off this review process, we welcome additional subject matter expert applicants in all three interest categories—General Interest, User and Producer—to fill vacancies on the consensus body and to serve on Subcommittees and Task Groups.”

BSR/GBI 02-202x, Green Globes Assessment Protocol for Existing Buildings (new standard), commonly called Green Globes for Existing Buildings (EB), will be developed over the next three years, targeted to be approved and published by ANSI at the end of 2023. The schedule can be found on the GBI website. GBI’s Standards Committee is a body comprised of six GBI members and independent stakeholders that are appointed to oversee GBI’s consensus processes, including forming consensus bodies and addressing issues of due process.

The individuals selected to serve as consensus body members for BSR/GBI 02-202x are:

  • Benjamin Bojda, Dominion Environmental Consultants NV Inc.
  • Larry Clark, Sustainable Performance Solutions
  • Michael Cudahy, PPFA – PPEF
  • Lawrence (Buddy) Humphries, Efficient Green LLC
  • Josh Jacobs, UL
  • Max Puchtel, American Institute of Steel Construction
  • Benjamin Reeves, Arete Design Group
  • Jane Rohde, JSR Associates Inc.
  • Anthony Serres, Signify North America Corp.
  • Gord Shymko, G. F. Shymko & Associates Inc.
  • Frank Sullivan, Kiewit
  • Kyle Thompson, IAPMO
  • Michael Zatz, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Members of the Consensus Body are classified into one of three interest categories: General Interest, Producer and User. Participants are subject matter experts, such as academics and public health representatives; architects; engineers; consultants; product manufacturers; and other organizations and individuals with expertise in high-performance buildings. Parties seated on this consensus body will first review the pre-draft standard and vote to release it as a draft standard to the public. After the open public comment period takes place, the Existing Buildings Consensus Body will then vote on proposals for changes to the draft standard, which can be submitted during open public comment periods using forms available on the GBI website and are according to GBI’s ANSI-approved consensus procedures.

Vicki Worden, president and CEO of GBI, adds, “We look forward to receiving input from national experts to ensure that Green Globes for Existing Buildings continues to reflect the latest science and research, baselines and market advancements.”

View the tentative schedule, Consensus Body Roster, and Consensus Body, Subcommittee and Task Group applications.

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