Geberit Brochure Features Images of In-wall Carrier Systems and Associated Components

Geberit North America has released an updated version of its “Better by Design” brochure for 2018, featuring images of in-wall carrier systems and associated components as well as detailed installation information for builders and plumbing professionals. The 24-page brochure will help inspire designers, architects, engineers and plumbers to look at restrooms with new vision and insight, while integrating the technical information that is essential when specifying in-wall systems. The brochure features Geberit in-wall Duofix carrier systems for wall-hung toilets, urinals, bidets and lavatories, which are designed to accommodate both new construction and renovations.

The brochure includes a step-by-step method to select a complete Geberit in-wall toilet system, including in-wall carrier, wall-hung toilet, toilet seat and actuator plate. Designed to integrate all the details in one format, the brochure includes a product selection chart, four full-color pages featuring over 70 designer actuator plates, installation information and project references. Full-page images of the Geberit system in completed bathrooms are included to help designers, installers, and showroom personnel visualize the possibilities and select the right system for each individual design.

The updated “Better by Design” brochure expands on the technical information provided in the previous version, featuring graphics with step-by-step installation instructions for 2-by-4 or 2-by-6 wall construction. The update also introduces graphics that detail multiple water closet configurations using the Geberit Duofix carrier, helping builders and installers visualize the internal plumbing for their projects.

The brochure highlights benefits of using the Geberit system:

  • Increased usable space in full bathrooms and powder rooms and expanded design possibilities due to its concealed tank.
  • Improved accessibility, water savings, and added reliability over standard bathroom plumbing hardware.
  • Installation ease by attaching the Geberit system to existing wall framing and supply and waste piping using standard tools.
  • Following installation, the system is maintenance-free. Change-out of components can be accomplished without the use of tools.
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