Hand-painted Wallpaper Designs Interpreted as Glass Mosaics

New Ravenna has released the Gracie collection in collaboration with Gracie, makers of hand-painted wallpaper since 1898. Five Gracie designs were selected for interpretation into glass mosaics. The designs were chosen to represent international historic themes, from Roman and Chinese antiquity to the late Japanese Edo period and French art deco. Gracie’s intricate designs were interpreted into mosaic by New Ravenna’s master mosaicists through varied techniques, colors and textures. Central motifs were created in reflective jewel glass, allowing the natural hand-mixed variation of the glass sheets to replicate the feel of a hand-painted surface. Tumbled Sea Glass was used as background material to allow the characters in each design to remain dominant, and Gracie’s metallic leaf pigments were honored by using honed antique mirror and 24-karat gold glass. Mosaics in the Gracie collection can be customized in size and color to suit a designer’s preferences.

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