Honeywell Partners With KE2 Therm Solutions

Honeywell announced it will have selling rights to KE2 Therm Solutions, including smart controllers for the refrigeration industry, in the grocery vertical. The combined expertise of Honeywell, the inventor of the retail multi-site energy management industry, and KE2 Therm will help grocers, convenience stores and restaurants lower energy costs, reduce spoilage and meet regulatory guidelines.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, grocery stores are responsible for approximately nine percent of the total energy consumed by commercial buildings in the U.S., of which more than 50 percent is from refrigeration.

With the agreement, KE2 Therm will also sell Honeywell Multisite technologies including its Novar building controls systems, E-MON electrical meters, and Manning refrigerant leak detection sensors. 

“Honeywell is the only building automation manufacturer that provides full-service energy management support to the retail industry so owners can focus on other critical parts of their operations,” says Matt Call, general manager, Honeywell Multisite. “By combining our enterprise-level capabilities with KE2 Therm’s smart edge level controls, we will deliver bottom line savings any grocer, retailer or restaurant chain using refrigeration.”

“KE2 Therm is specified by a wide range of end users, consultants and major OEM manufacturers of evaporators, and walk-in freezers and coolers,” says Patrick Holdmeyer, president and CEO of KE2 Therm. “Top U.S. and global restaurant and supermarket chains recognize the benefits of KE2 Therm controls and specify them for both new install and retrofit applications. We are excited to work with Honeywell to serve an even larger customer base.” 

Honeywell Multisite offers full-service building management including design, engineering, programming, software and hardware production, delivery and installation, and 24/7 centralized monitoring, control and reporting.

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