IEC Launches Nashville Area Chapter

Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC), a trade association specializing in apprenticeship training, has announced the launch of its newest chapter in the Greater Nashville area. Boasting an initial roster nearly a dozen top contractor member companies and 65 first year apprentices from across the Greater Nashville area, the Middle Tennessee IEC Chapter will continue the mission of the national organization by providing networking opportunities and fostering career and leadership development to members who work in and around the electrical industry.

Perry Patterson, Team Electrical Contracting Inc. has been named president of the chapter. The nine-member board also includes Jep Harr, co-chair, Justin deGraauw, secretary, deGraauw Harr Electric; Michael Towrey, treasurer, FZCORP; Richard Coles, TEAM Electrical Contracting Inc.; RJ Lillibridge, Enterprise Solutions LLC.; Steven David, Romanoff Group; Graham McBride, State Systems; and Bonnie Duncan Patterson, TEAM Electrical Contracting Inc.

“Every day, more and more merit-shop contractors join the electrical & systems industry, but the reality is that we’re still a small percentage of the workforce, so there’s a need for a support system,” Patterson says. “This association is essential for the Greater Nashville area because not only do we have a huge industry presence here but also because contractors working in this field can educate each other, support one another, and even just appreciate the challenges we as electrical contractors face in both the industry and in the workforce at large.”

Founded in 1957 as the Associated Independent Electrical Contractors of America, the primary goal of the group was to consider and deal by all lawful means with common problems of management, distribution, employment, and financial functions of the electrical construction industry; to foster cooperative action in advancing the common purposes of its members; and promote activities that enable the industry to be conducted with the greatest economy and efficiency. IEC has grown to more than 2,400 contractor company members nationwide with 51 chapters. The Middle Tennessee chapter is planning an inaugural kick-off event in early 2020, and for this first event you do not need to be a member to attend, though existing members can attend for free.

“For over 60 years IEC has been committed to enriching, educating and elevating merit-shop electrical & systems contractors in the electrical and systems contracting industry. We are thrilled to see a new IEC chapter with such strong leadership, drive, and all with deep industry expertise to lead the charge in the Greater Nashville Area,” says Spenser Villwock, CEO of the IEC. “We look forward to helping the chapter continue to grow and serve the needs of today’s contractors and apprentices.”

Membership for the Middle Tennessee IEC Chapter is open to merit-shop electrical contractors who work in the electrical field other affiliated careers. Anyone interested in more information about the Middle Tennessee IEC chapter can visit online to learn more and join.

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