Laminators Inc. Releases Brochure Featuring Insulated Panels

Laminators Inc. has issued a 6-page “Insulated Glazing Panels” brochure featuring its standard flat insulated panels, as well as fabricated insulated panels.

When you need energy-saving, insulating properties for glazing inserts, Thermolite panels are an option. The panels are constructed with an insulating foam core sandwiched between finished aluminum sheets and two corrugated stabilizers. Available in smooth or stucco-embossed finishes in a variety of colors, Thermolite panels create a decorative and durable surface with insulating properties.

In addition to the standard flat Thermolite panel, Laminators now offers three new fabricated panel options. Thermolite U-MAX provides additional R-Value, Thermolite SE provides a different aesthetic, and Thermolite WE provides the ability to create hairline joints between panels.  Suitable for window systems, window replacement, curtain walls, storefronts, butt glazing, and more, Thermolite glazing panels are designed to fit into any standard or custom glazing system. With building and energy efficiency codes becoming more stringent, these panels can be a smart solution for your next project.

To request the “Insulated Glazing Panels” brochure, call or email Laminators Inc. at (800) 523-2347 or [email protected]; or download a PDF.

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