Large-capacity Chiller Continuously Monitors and Optimizes System Performance

WaterFurnace International Inc.'s CLW chillerWaterFurnace International Inc.'s CLW chiller

WaterFurnace International Inc.'s CLW chiller

WaterFurnace International Inc.’s CLW chiller

WaterFurnace International Inc., a manufacturer of geothermal and water-source heat pumps, introduces the CLW chiller, the latest addition to its growing portfolio of commercial and industrial HVAC solutions. This large-capacity chiller features the unique ability to continuously monitor and optimize system performance using a combination of hardware and software options.

Available in 60- to 140-ton capacities, the new chiller uses advanced adaptive direct digital controls that modulate equipment based on ever-changing conditions to constantly maintain the highest efficiencies possible, while remote monitoring can relay this information to facility managers anywhere in the world. The advanced adaptive unit controls allow models with optional energy monitoring and electronic expansion valves to continuously self-optimize for improved energy efficiency and system performance.

In addition, the commercial chiller is engineered to precisely distribute heated or chilled water for fan coils, pools, commercial aquariums, radiant floor heating, snow/ice melt, industrial process water and many other applications.

Every CLW chiller includes these design components:

  • High-efficiency R-410A scroll compressor for enhanced efficiency
    4- or 6-inch water connections (Victaulic or flange style) that can be connected on either the right or left side of the unit for increased installation flexibility
    Balanced port bidirectional TXV or an optional electronically controlled expansion valve for precise refrigerant metering
    Two Schrader service ports per circuit
    Heavy gauge steel cabinets painted with corrosion-resistant black polyester powder
    Frame with forklift access in two dimensions and lifting points for easy maneuvering during installation and servicing
    Separate high and low voltage panels for increased ease of service and overall safety
    Copper-brazed, oversized stainless steel water-to-refrigerant heat exchangers for unparalleled efficiency

Available as a water-cooled chiller or as a reversible option, CLW units can be combined to create larger central chiller plants. The unique quad scroll refrigeration circuit design leads the industry in energy efficiency, service redundancy and turndown capacity control.

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