LED Light Series Offers Variety of Profile Widths

The Define series provides energy efficiency in a variety of profile widths.

The Define series provides energy efficiency in a variety of profile widths.

Powered by Eaton’s linear LED technology, the Define series delivers efficacy in a variety of profile widths. 1-inch, 2-inch, 3-inch, 4-inch, and 5-inch luminaire widths are all specifiable to the nearest inch in length and can be fitted with standard flush, regress and drop lensing. In-wall corners or wall to ceiling transitions can all be ordered as standard components and blend into the architectural spaces. Modular components make installation simple and ensure straight runs. The Define series empowers designers, engineers and architects to design a space with lines of light.

The Define series provides minimalistic style and Eaton’s LED technology. As building codes and standards continue to become more stringent, standard slot luminaires will struggle to meet the efficacy and dimming criteria necessary for the modern office environment. The Define’s high efficacy LED engine and standard 0-10V continuous dimmer driver allow integration with lighting control panels, occupancy sensors, daylighting controls and room controllers. The Define series provides numerous profiles and shielding options that conform to building codes and standards.

The Neo-Ray Define Series features optional corner transitions in all housing widths. Whether spanning corridors, wrapping staircases or highlighting architectural features, the Define has standard corner transitions for all applications. Standard crosses, T’s, wall to ceiling and in-wall transitions are available.

Without the restrictions of fluorescent lamps, the Define 1 has a 1 inch aperture. The micro slot defines architectural features and shapes and blends into modern and technological environments. The Define 1 is available with all the options of the larger aperture profiles.

Uniform ribbons of light do not need to come standard with light leaks at the ends of fixture runs. Neo-Ray’s patent pending lens clip snaps into place at the ends of runs and seals off the end of the luminaire to prevent light leaks and bug and dust protection. The lens clip and standard snap in lens are suitable for damp locations, and allow the Neo-Ray Define series to be installed under canopies or in restrooms with ease.

Due to their complexity, perimeter systems have always been limited in variety and difficult to install. Pulling from over 20 years of perimeter lighting experience, the Neo-Ray Define adds a new dimension to perimeter lighting. Available in 1-inch, 2-inch, 3-inch, 4-inch, and 5-inch aperture widths with a regressed or flush lens option the Define provides uniform illumination allowing design flexibility in a perimeter system. Field modifiable extruded trims and inside and standard 90-degree corners allow installation in any ceiling type or perimeter application.

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