Legrand Introduces Riser Diagram for Wattstopper Software

Legrand North America has announced a riser diagram feature for the Wattstopper LMCS software for configuring Digital Lighting Management (DLM) systems. The riser diagrams provide a layout of the lighting control system showing DLM networked and non-networked devices and connections floor by floor. This feature makes preparing project submittals and quotes easier for designers and technicians. 

The LMCS software simplifies project design and start-up and provides industry professionals with important commissioning documentation, including LEED projects. As each LMCS file contains information about every DLM device, project designers can now use that information to create a one line diagram that shows every DLM device in every room on every DLM Segment. Segment wire to front end hardware will also be shown. The program can generate a system layout of a specific segment or all segments, which can be exported as a multi-page PDF to add to a project submittal or as a multi-layout DXF diagram that can be brought into AutoCAD.

This is one of the new software capabilities and design tools rolled out to ensure success from product start to finish. Other recently announced LMCS features:

  • Network View provides a holistic view of all DLM networking components on a project allowing for easier design, specification, and layout. It also provides fields for network addresses and other information for better reporting.
  • Bill of Materials can quickly and easily be exported at the area level through the device context menu.
  • Network Bridge Report creates a consolidated report of all room bridges on a single page document.
  • Improved Firmware solves issues resulting from existing bugs.

With the LMCS software, field technicians can configure, manage, and update job information while onsite as well as set up advanced features of DLM devices. DLM is an agnostic, intelligent and distributed control system with plug together devices that maximizes lighting energy efficiency.

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