LG Electronics and Borrego Solar Systems Expand Collaboration to Install Solar Modules

LG Electronics USA and Borrego Solar Systems Inc. are expanding their collaboration for installation of LG’s high-efficiency solar modules to the U.S. commercial market.

Under their expanded agreement, LG will supply 135 megawatts (MW) of its LG Mono X NeON modules, including 60- and 72-cell NeON 2 modules, through 2016 to Borrego Solar, which will sell to the commercial sector as an LG-preferred strategic commercial integrator in North America.

The collaboration aligns with the market’s maturation and the growing deployment of higher efficiency products for the commercial market. This agreement will enable LG to supply even more of its high-quality, reliable, high-efficiency modules to its North American commercial customers. The expanded agreement also adds a greater number of LG products to Borrego Solar’s portfolio.

Aaron Hall, president of Borrego Solar Systems, says: “In these turbulent times Borrego Solar is able to provide options to our customers that leverage LG’s financial and brand strengths, while providing a superior technology that outperforms the competition. We’re pleased LG has reaffirmed its confidence in Borrego Solar to deploy its products in the U.S. commercial market.”

Building on the success of its 60-cell modules, LG will introduce its first 72-cell Mono X NeON modules this fall. In addition to the advent of new 360- and 365-watt 72-cell modules, LG’s more efficient cell technology now enables LG modules to reach up to 18.4 percent and 18.6 percent module efficiency, respectively, compared to other modules that deliver an efficiency of approximately 16 percent.

Hall says the new LG cells not only pack more power into the same physical space, but they also improve upon an already superior performing technology in terms of kilowatt hours produced per watt installed. In other words, 1 MW of LG modules will produce more power than 1 MW of most other modules available on the market. As a result of the cell’s superior performance with lower allowable annual degradation amounts, LG is offering a 12-year product warranty.

“LG and Borrego Solar share a common vision for serving the ever-growing U.S. commercial solar market,” says Ellen Kim, senior vice president of LG Electronics USA’s Energy Solutions business. “We expect strong results from the combination of LG’s innovations and Borrego Solar’s expertise as a commercial integrator.”

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