Lighting Is Designed Specifically for Health Care

BalancedCare by Axis Lighting is a new brand focusing on health-care facility lighting and features a comprehensive and complementary family of luminaires. Mindful of both style and function, and taking into account the latest LED chip design, BalancedCare luminaires are engineered to meet all of the requirements of today’s complex health-care environments. Designed for patient rooms, bathrooms, corridors, nurses’ stations and common areas, these luminaires provide lighting for wellness without trade-offs.

BalancedCare by Axis Lighting addresses specific challenges of health-care lighting with modern architectural design that incorporates high-performing optics and controls abilities while also meeting infection control standards.

BalancedCare offers patent-pending BeWell performance optics for visual comfort and functionality. A departure from traditional luminaires with unsightly segmented compartments or indirect baskets, BeWell light guide technology provides multiple precise distribution options to deliver the many layers of light required in health-care environments. The luminaires also provide glare-free comfortable lighting that supports the visual tasks of staff while enhancing patients’ overall wellbeing.

BalancedCare is an intuitive “controls-agnostic” collection with intelligent patient bed control compatibility and spectral programmability provided by tunable white and BIOS SkyBlue technologies. BalancedCare partners with industry-recognized controls suppliers for integration into any building automation system.

BalancedCare products are constructed of materials and finishes that withstand hospital cleaning protocols, standing up to the most stringent infection control requirements. They meet functional and application-specific industry listings such as UL, ADA, Ingress Protection and National Sanitation Foundation standards.

With a focus on patient and staff wellness, this thoughtfully configured lighting balances both visual and circadian needs, as well as links to nature, and promotes healing outcomes. BeWell provides better visual acuity for tasks, and softer, healing visual comfort in the space.

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