Line of Industrial Generators Feature Dual Fuel System

KOHLER Power Systems has launched several new models of 60Hz and 50Hz gaseous-powered industrial generators, ranging from 300 to 500 kW, targeting mission critical, industrial, and commercial applications.

The REZXD industrial generators feature a dual fuel option with a patent-pending fuel reset box.
The REZXD industrial generators feature a dual fuel option with a patent-pending fuel reset box.

The REZXD generator set lineup features an 18.3 liter, V-10 engine powering the 300kW and 350kW models, while the 21.9 liter, V-12 engine powers the 400kW, 450kW and 500kW models. The generators’ turbocharged engines integrate cast iron cylinder heads with forged steel crankshafts and are optimized for power generation to maximize performance.

These generators provide users with the flexibility to select the appropriate gas fuel source for a specific application including natural gas (primary) and LP (secondary), and feature a dual fuel option with a patent-pending fuel reset box. This dual fuel system enables the generator to switch automatically from natural gas to LP, and when sensing that LP is low it reverts back to natural gas. There is also a switch on the reset box that allows users to switch from one fuel to the other manually without operation disruption. For ease of installation, a fuel inlet connection is provided on the skid wall along with an oil drain connection.

The units are ideal to provide standby power for a variety of applications including commercial and municipal buildings, water treatment, educational facilities, apartment complexes, health clinics and nursing homes, and more.

The generators are available as open or closed units and can be specified with KOHLER-designed sound-attenuated enclosures. The aluminum enclosures are also hurricane-rated and meet Testing Application Standards (TAS) within the Florida Building Code for wind load and projectile impact.

Users have their choice of controllers including the APM402 and APM603. Both of these options offer voltage regulation, a digital display and menu control for easy access to local data, seamless remote communication through standard protocol including support for remote annunciation, and building management system integration.

The APM 603 provides enhanced performance and monitoring features such as (+/-.25%) voltage regulation, dual fuel control, expanded inputs and outputs, a larger seven-inch display, and the ability to parallel as many as eight generator sets.

The 300-500 REZXD industrial generators are now exclusively available through KOHLER’s extensive network of dealers/distributors throughout the U.S. View the Distributor Locator.

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