Linoleum Flooring Offers Expanded Color Options

Tarkett has introduced the Harmonium xf2 Linoleum Line of commercial flooring. This enhanced offering incorporates the company’s same high-performing propriety xf surface treatment technology but now delivers more colors and an xf2 matte finish to help bring the natural beauty of linoleum to life.

Available in 93 colors with a large range of bright and clear colors and natural and earth tones, Harmonium xf2 offers solutions for modern and traditional interiors. With a newly improved matte finish, the Harmonium xf2 visuals showcase the pure attractiveness of linoleum with extremely high resistance to wear and tear. Color number 400 in the new collection has no added color pigments, making it the natural color of linoleum and the most sustainable linoleum solution in the market.

Harmonium xf2 is a part of a complete flooring system, which includes rubber, homogeneous and heterogeneous vinyl, stairwell solutions, finishing borders and transitions. The company’s integrated color palette runs across its full range of flooring solutions to help create efficiencies that pay-off for the end-user in real lifetime return. Every element is designed to work together and create balance. And, in addition to aesthetic capabilities, Harmonium xf2 contains cork, which provides excellent acoustic properties as well as comfort underfoot.

The Harmonium xf2 collection underscores the company’s commitment to circular or “closed loop” design. Truly sustainable, Harmonium xf2 is made from 95 percent natural materials such as linseed oil, flax seed, wood and limestone. Seventy-three percent of those materials are rapidly renewable, and the line also features 34 percent recycled content. The Harmonium xf2 is FloorScore certified and has TVOC levels less than 100 ?g/m3; therefore it contributes to better indoor air quality to protect human health. Additionally, the linoleum has earned a Cradle to Cradle Silver ranking and is USDA Bio-Based 95 percent certified.

The proprietary Harmonium xf2 finish requires no initial waxing and polishing. Maintenance is faster and easier, saving most end users 30 percent on maintenance and 50 percent on water, detergents and energy over the life of the floor.

The linoleum is resistant to stains, abrasion and chemicals. Third party testing at the WFK Institute in Germany, a leading international cleaning technology research center, has shown that the Harmonium xf2 collections significantly outperform ordinary linoleum in brightness and color retention. In addition, they offer alkali and stain resistance to a variety of substances including acetone, coffee and betadine. And, they are naturally antibacterial and fire retardant.

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