MBCEA Member Attains AC478 Accreditation from IAS

The Metal Building Contractors and Erectors Association (MBCEA) announces that Kessel Construction Inc., headquartered in Bradford, Pa., and servicing Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio and Southern New York, is the second metal building assembler based in Pennsylvania to obtain the prestigious AC478 accreditation administered by the International Accreditation Service (IAS). AC478, Accreditation for Metal Building Assemblers Inspection, is a standard to recognize metal building assemblers committed to excellence.
Achieving this accreditation demonstrates that Kessel Construction has the personnel, the organizational skills, vast experience, knowledge, management procedures, and commitment to assemble metal buildings in accordance with code, specifications, costs and deadlines. Requirements for this accreditation include documented management systems, rigorous safety training, quality managers, OSHA training, documented safety plans, site-specific plans, and other documentation.
“Tim Asinger and Kessel Construction have a long history of quality construction for their many clients,” notes Jennifer Heimburger, MBCEA president. “Attaining the AC478 accreditation for metal building assembly underscores their commitment to excellence. Welcome to this distinguished group! We congratulate you and your team on this significant achievement, carrying on the strong traditions set by the founders of your company to always be leaders in the metal building industry.”
Kessel’s President, Tim Asinger, recently decided that MBCEA’s AC478 quality initiative was right for the company. “AC478 helps us formalize an area of our business we have self-performed for decades,” says Asinger. “Tribal knowledge is great for passing “on the job training” to crew members, but this is a game changer for our organization as it relates to competency, capability, safety and quality- as well as setting us apart from our competition.”

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