MBCEA Recognizes Metal Building Assembler Committed to Excellence

The Metal Building Contractors and Erectors Association (MBCEA) announces Image Building Systems LLC, headquartered in Phoenix, and servicing Arizona, Nevada and Colorado, as the first metal building assembler in Arizona and Nevada to achieve the prestigious AC478 accreditation administered by the International Accreditation Service (IAS). AC478, Accreditation for Metal Building Assemblers Inspection, is a standard to recognize metal building assemblers committed to excellence.

Achieving this accreditation demonstrates that Image Building Systems has the personnel, organization skills, experience, knowledge, management procedures, and commitment to assemble metal buildings in accordance with code, specifications, costs and deadlines. Some of the requirements for this accreditation include documented management systems, rigorous safety training, quality managers, OSHA training, documented safety plans, site-specific plans and other documents.

“Metal building contractors that join MBCEA set themselves apart from the competition. Those who seek and achieve IAS AC478 accreditation set themselves further apart by committing to an unparalleled level of safety and quality,” notes Art Hance, MBCEA president, while acknowledging the company’s achievement. “We congratulate the team at Image Building Systems on this significant achievement and recognize them not only as a leader in their geographic area, but in the industry overall.”

Ryan Klosterman, president and owner of Image Building Systems, jumped at the opportunity to pursue AC478 accreditation. “I believe all metal building companies should want to adhere to a higher standard, and we are very proud to be the first contractor in Arizona to achieve AC478 accreditation,” he says. “The more quality metal building companies there are in the market only acts to grow the industry and customer base. This accreditation gives end use customers, architects, engineers, and contractors the confidence that they are enlisting a company that truly cares about planning, quality and safety. Any company can say they care about these things, but how many are getting audited consistently by a third party ensuring their promises are being kept? I view this as an incredible opportunity to continue to grow a culture within Image that promotes expertise, safety and quality and to show our customers that we value each and every project and customer we deal with.”

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