Mineral Fiber Ceilings Are Lightweight

Kitchen Zone from Armstrong Ceiling SystemsKitchen Zone from Armstrong Ceiling Systems

Kitchen Zone from Armstrong Ceiling Systems

Kitchen Zone from Armstrong Ceiling Systems

With the introduction of Kitchen Zone, Armstrong Ceiling Systems now offers a lightweight, visually brighter alternative to vinyl-covered gypsum ceilings. Made from mineral fiber, this new addition to the Armstrong line weighs half as much per square foot as standard vinyl-covered gypsum and has 50 percent more pieces per carton. In a 1,000 square foot installation, that’s 1,180 less pounds to lift and 46 fewer cartons to handle. Kitchen Zone also has a brighter visual and is 20 percent more light reflectant than vinyl-covered gypsum. Unlike vinyl-covered gypsum, Kitchen Zone panels also can be recycled in the Armstrong Recycling Program at the end of their useful life.

Kitchen Zone has a smooth, washable surface that meets the USDA/FSIS guidelines for use in food processing areas.The panels are ideally suited for installation in kitchens, food preparation areas, laboratories, cafeterias, lavatories, and restrooms.

Kitchen Zone is available as square lay-in panels in 2- by 2-foot and 2- by 4-foot sizes that are easily installed in a Prelude 15/16-inch suspension system. The panels have a CAC (Ceiling Attenuation Class) of 33 and an LR (Light Reflectance) value of 0.89. They have a Class A fire rating and are third-party-certified low VOC emissions compliant.


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