MLS Takes Over Full Ownership of LEDVANCE

LEDVANCE GmbH (LEDVANCE) is now 100 percent owned by the Chinese LED lighting company MLS. MLS has taken over full ownership of LEDVANCE by means of a share deal with the strategic investor IDG Capital and the financial investor Yiwu. As part of the deal, IDG Capital and Yiwu will become shareholders of MLS via a joint investment.

“This transaction marks a milestone for LEDVANCE. Over the past year the consortium has been important for the further development of LEDVANCE, and we thank IDG Capital and Yiwu for their support,” says Jacob C. Tarn, Ph.D., managing di-rector and CEO of LEDVANCE. “With MLS as our partner and supplier of LED components, we will continue to drive forward the transition of LEDVANCE. Hereby, we will, for instance, build on our momentum in the LED luminaire market,” adds Tarn.

The change in ownership has no impact on the LEDVANCE legal form as a German GmbH. The company will continue to be an entity under the principles of German co-determination with its global headquarters to remain in Garching near Munich.

At the beginning of 2017, a Chinese consortium led by IDG Capital and including MLS and Yiwu acquired LEDVANCE from OSRAM.

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