Modine Offers Rebate for Gas-fired Unit Heater

From now until March 31, 2013, anyone who purchases an Effinity93 gas-fired unit heater may claim a manufacturer’s rebate from Modine Manufacturing Co. for up to 10 units with a purchase of the following model sizes:

  • $100/unit – PTC/Effinity93 Model 55, 65, 85, 110
  • $150/unit – PTC/Effinity93 Model 135, 156, 180
  • $200/unit – PTC/BTC/Effinity93 Model 215, 260, 310

This program was designed to incentivize businesses and homeowners to upgrade to 93 percent efficient unit heaters instead of purchasing non-condensing units. When you combine this rebate along with utility-managed rebates available in some states, it can significantly reduce the payback period to upgrade to high-efficiency natural gas/propane unit heaters to under one or two years, depending on the market.

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