Mosaics Are Part of Collection Representing Earth’s Five Primary Biomes

New Ravenna, a manufacturer of mosaics for residential and commercial installations, is pleased to present Biome. The 15 mosaic designs in the collection are handcrafted in Virginia from stone and Glazed Basalto with accents of shell and iridescent and metallic glazes. Biome was inspired by the shapes, textures, and patterns found in nature. The collection as a whole was explored and connected through color palette. A biome is a naturally occurring community of flora and fauna, with the five primary biomes on Earth: tundra, aquatic, forest, grassland, and desert. New Ravenna deconstructed the five biomes to explore the variety of life and terrain found in these disparate climates. Together, the collection demonstrates the connection and repetition of pattern throughout nature. Each of the five biomes has a unique color palette that captures the essence of that environment. 

Geode, a hand-cut stone mosaic, shown in honed Thassos, polished Indigo, Orchid, Cornflower, Hydrangea, Aloe, Lotus, Periwinkle, Celeste, Carrara, Blue Macauba, and Aurum, is part of the Biome collection for New Ravenna in the Aquatic series.

The aquatic biome encapsulates the earth’s sources of salt and fresh water. Cool dark tones in blues and greens capture the aqueous element, with iridescent accents that emulate fins and shells. Bold pops of color capture the vivid life of tropical reefs. 


The desert biome is unmistakably associated with heat, sun, and sand. This climate is captured through warm creams, browns, and tans. Tumbled and honed finishes provide the feel of cracked earth and edges that have been softened by windblown sand over thousands of years.


The forest biome is the woodlands of the world, from tropical rain forests to ancient old growth trees. To achieve a rich natural feel, the palette includes deep earth browns and reds, verdant greens, and golds. 


The grassland biome represents the Great Plains, meadows, and expansive green vistas of the world. Bright tones capture the flowering abundance of these temperate climates with Glazed Basalto jewel tones and light backgrounds conveying sunshine and growth. 


The tundra biome represents the coldest climates on earth. To capture the cold, crisp feel of this environment, cool tones of whites, grays, blues, and lavenders make up this palette, with speckled highlights of iridescent Moonflower and shell to capture the glint of sunlight on ice. 

Biome includes multiple finishes to create textures that reflect light, wind, and time. The materials in the collection have been honed, polished, pillowed, and tumbled. Mosaic techniques range from hand cutting and chopping to water-jet. Biome can be installed on walls and floors, indoors and out. New Ravenna mosaics are available at showrooms throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. 

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