MR16 LED Lamp Suited for Jewelry and High-end Retail Displays

Soraa Vivid 2 LED MR16Soraa Vivid 2 LED MR16

Soraa Vivid 2 LED MR16

Soraa Vivid 2 LED MR16

Soraa, a provider of GaN on GaN LED technology, launched a high color temperature (CCT), high color rendering MR16 LED lamps, suited for gemstone jewelry and high-end retail displays. The new 4000K and 5000K CCT, full visible spectrum Soraa Vivid 2 LED MR16 renders colors and whites exactly as they would appear in natural light without the high heat/UV emissions associated with CMH/halogen lamps and beam striations, artifacts or multiple shadows visible in other manufacturer’s LED products.

In certain environments, higher correlated color temperature light is preferred because it helps create an engaging and energizing environment. However, because of their broken spectra, LED and CMH lighting products of 4,000K and 5,000K CCT create spaces that feel unnatural and cold. The Soraa Vivid 2 MR16 solves this trade-off by representing every visible color in the right proportion, resulting in scenes that feel energizing, yet warm and natural. The full visible spectrum emission of these LEDs results in a CRI of 95 and R9 greater than 90. Plus, the violet component of the spectrum makes whites stand out in their natural brightness and tint.

Soraa’s LED lamps are available in 12V and line voltage configurations, as well as in a wide range of color temperatures (2700K, 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K) and beam angles (10o, 25o, 36o, and 60o), allowing lighting flexibility for any type of indoor or outdoor environment. This includes lighting suitable for smooth and textured fabrics, gold, diamonds, skin tones, and a broad array of other applications. The company’s narrow 10o lamp works with its award-winning magnetic accessory SNAP System. With a simple magnetic attachment, beam shapes and color temperature can be modified, allowing endless design and display possibilities.

Soraa’s LED lamps are compatible with a very wide range of dimmers, having been tested and characterized extensively through its Works with Soraa program. And the company’s novel heatsink design and thermal management system allows its lamps to run cool and deliver efficient light intensity over a long period of time.

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