Multimedia Walls and Moveable Meeting Spaces Maximize Space

The SnapCab Pods are moveable meeting spaces that offer privacy and quietness.

The SnapCab Pods are moveable meeting spaces that offer privacy and quietness.

SnapCab has announced the launch of two systems: the SnapCab Portal and the SnapCab Pod. Designed to help businesses and organizations maximize resources, space, and functionality, the Portal and Pod combine design, specification and assembly ease to offer solutions.

The SnapCab Portal enables clients to utilize their technology. The Portal features a 65-inch SUHD Samsung TV with Quantum Dot nano-crystal technology and 4K high definition. The entire surface is made of Corning Gorilla Glass and provides a whiteboard surface. It also boasts integrated speakers using Corning Gorilla Glass, full HDMI, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. Customers can integrate the technology they want and need. Walls become interactive experiences.

The second system, the SnapCab Pod, provides individual or small team-sized moveable meeting spaces. The Pod is designed for professional or institutional environments that feature an open floor plan, shared workspace, or contend with limited space, privacy and quietness. The Pod, available in three sizes, enables professionals to conduct phone calls, hold video conferences, meet with colleagues, etc., without disruption, and without leaving their workplace. The standard finish on the Pod is plastic laminate, but for a higher end finish customers can upgrade to Corning Gorilla Glass in solid colors, patterns, logos and gigapixel images.

The Pod enables businesses and building owners to utilize their space, while offering flexibility. Building on a patented system of interlocking panels, SnapCab’s offering delivers free-standing, moveable, and configurable spaces.

Both the Portal and the Pod adhere to SnapCab’s standards: it is easy to order (and customize, if desired), install, and fully integrate both systems into any workspace and/or building. SnapCab is known for its interlocking paneling systems for elevators and walls. With the Portal and Pod, SnapCab is helping companies take their messaging to the next level, while fully leveraging their physical space.

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