NALMCO Launches Lighting Controls Certification

The interNational Association of Lighting Management Cos. (NALMCO) has launched a lighting controls certification, the Certified Lighting Controls Professional (CLCP). The certification is based on the Education Express curriculum developed by the Lighting Controls Association. The announcement was made at the organization’s annual conference in Dallas, Texas.

The lighting industry is undergoing change due to growing demand for intelligent LED lighting systems and controls. LED lighting, which promises operating cost savings, is ideally paired with both wired and wireless intelligent lighting controls, which offer additional savings and flexibility. Demand for these technologies is transforming workspaces while reducing costs. It is also creating an education gap among service providers unfamiliar with aspects of the technology.

The electrical industry has responded with a series of initiatives, but to date, there has been no national lighting controls certification signifying a high level of general expertise in lighting controls technology, application, design and commissioning. To address this need, NALMCO developed the Certified Lighting Controls Professional (CLCP) designation.

The CLCP is based on 60 hours of the education curriculum developed by the Lighting Controls Association’s Education Express online education system. Certification is available to anyone in the industry.

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