Navien Celebrates Selling 1 Million Condensing Units

Navien has sold 1 million condensing units. An eco-conscious company focused on energy-saving and highly efficient condensing products, Navien is proud to participate in the reduction of CO2 and NOx in North America and worldwide. “The energy savings of one million condensing units operating in North America since 2009 versus non-condensing units sold by other manufacturers, would be roughly equivalent to planting 645,000,000 trees”, says Eric Moffroid, VP sales and marketing for Navien.

The company has become a leader in the North American plumbing and HVAC sector. Core products are tankless water heaters, combi-boilers and boilers sold exclusively through wholesale distribution.

With dignitaries and VIP guests present, Navien held a celebration of this accomplishment for all employees. Congratulations and toasts of appreciation contributed to the event. The CEO and President of KD Navien worldwide, Joon Kee Hong, started off the evening referencing the Navien NPE Series tankless water heaters and NCB combi-boiler series by saying, ”Despite the level of competition, as well as being a product that was unfamiliar to the market due to its no previously existing market sector, Navien America broke down these barriers with support from all of the customers and partners in America. Now, let’s congratulate ourselves on earning the trust from our customers and let us return with our quality products, with our passion and faith. Tonight, each one of you is a MVP. Once again, thank you everyone for all of you have done and for showing us our spirit of persistence. I cannot wait to hear about your future accomplishments in the years to come.”

Xplore, a local California hip hop martial arts group, using the flags of South Korea and North America, provided a performance that concluded the evening and mirrored the spirit of the accomplishments of Navien.

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