NECA Launches Magazine for Electrical Personnel

SAFETY LEADER, a magazine produced by the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA), launched this month with its first issue being sent to more than 80,000 electrical personnel across the U.S. Bundled with NECA’s flagship publication, ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR, each SAFETY LEADER issue will deliver content geared toward electrical professionals working in the industry.

“Safety is a commitment made by every NECA contractor, every day. That’s why NECA is excited about launching a new magazine to provide more value and industry knowledge to our members. SAFETY LEADER will serve as a resource, focusing on safety best practices, leadership and technical resources that directly affect industry professionals,” says David Long, CEO at NECA.

The quarterly publication will highlight the importance of safety and industry news, OSHA rulemaking, training, on-site practices, safety-related products and services, a view of workers in the field and important resources. Content will be informative to all types of industry participants, including those working in outside line and inside electrical construction.

“Keeping the workforce safe, healthy and productive is a priority for the National Electrical Contractors Association,” says Michael Johnston, NECA’s executive director of standards and safety, adding that the goal of driving down incident rates was the impetus behind launching SAFETY LEADER.

SAFETY LEADER issues will be delivered to all ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR subscribers in February, May, August and November. Interested subscribers can go to

Additionally, the publication will be available at all NECA events, including the NECA Safety Professionals Conference and NECA 2020 Chicago, an annual convention and tradeshow.

A special edition SAFETY LEADER e-newsletter will be sent out in February, May, August and November, containing content from the current issue.

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