NEMA Announces Standard for LED Direct Replacement Lamps

After technical review, ANSI Accredited Standards Committee C78, Electric Lamps, has published ANSI C78.52-2017 “American National Standard for Electric Lamps — LED (Light Emitting Diode) Direct Replacement Lamps — Method of Designation.” The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) serves as secretariat for the standard.

ANSI C78.52 is a lighting standard on how to designate LED lamps that are direct replacements for existing, ANSI-standardized, non-LED lamps. Lamps covered in this standard contain LED-based light sources.

According to Andrew Jackson, manager, Corporate Regulatory & Certification Laboratory, chair of the ANSI C78 Committee, “This standard provides an LED Direct Replacement Lamp Code Designation Request Form.” This form allows a manufacturer to request a direct replacement designation using lamp characteristic data.

NEMA’s Lighting Systems Division, as the secretariat of ANSI’s ASC C78 for Electric Lamps, is looking for industry experts in the User and General Interest categories to participate in standards development activities. Contact NEMA at [email protected] if you are interested. Please indicate your interest category and your area of expertise.

ANSI C78.52-2017 can be purchased in hard copy or as an electronic download on the NEMA website.

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