NEMA Document Helps State Lawmakers Overcome Barriers to Microgrid Use

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) has published NEMA MGRD R2-2018 “State Regulatory and Policy Considerations for Increased Microgrid Deployment”. NEMA conducted a study to evaluate policy barriers affecting microgrid deployment in four target states: California, Illinois, Tennessee and Vermont. This document reviews state regulations and analyzes solutions for overcoming barriers to microgrid use.

“A variety of regulations do not anticipate the interaction of microgrids with the traditional electric grid and can have unexpected effects on microgrid design, ownership, and operation,” says NEMA Senior Program Manager Brian Marchionini. “In general, barriers exist because certain policy regimes have not adapted to maximize the benefits of microgrids for all stakeholders.”

NEMA MGRD R2-2018 is available in hard copy and electronic download on the NEMA website.

NEMA also published a companion document in 2016 that introduces the concept of microgrids as a component of the power delivery system of the 21st Century. NEMA MGRD 1-2016 is available as an electronic download.

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