Nomadic Cultures Inspire Porcelain Tile Collection

Bohemia is inspired by the history and spirit of nomadic cultures.

Bohemia is inspired by the history and spirit of nomadic cultures.

Crossville Inc. has announced the launch of Bohemia, a porcelain tile collection. Taking inspiration from the history and spirit of nomadic cultures, the line offers a take on texture and color. The versatility of sizes and hues empowers designers to incorporate boho-chic styles and textile-like touches into their customized tile designs.

Field tiles are available in two sizes, 12- by 24-inches and 24- by 24-inches, and are rectified for size consistency. The complement of trim pieces includes bullnose and covebase to allow for finished looks that meet installation requirements. Additionally, two mosaic options, a 3- by 3-inches and a basketweave, each mesh-mounted on 12- by 12-inch sheets for application ease, serve as solutions for commercial and residential projects.

Bohemia is offered in eight colors in an unpolished finish that is durable. The spectrum of colors includes bold, light-to-dark neutrals, as well as blue and green offerings. The colors are inspired by—and named for—the style of the boho-chic movement, Free Spirit; Drifter; Artist; Vagabond; Tinker; Wanderer; Rebel; and Beatnik.

As with all products produced at the Crossville Tennessee manufacturing facilities, Bohemia is manufactured using sustainable processes and is Green Squared certified. It is recommended for interior floors, walls, countertops, and exterior walls in both residential and commercial applications.

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