NSG Group and Solaria Collaborate to Manufacture BIPV Solutions

NSG Group and Solaria are entering into a collaboration agreement to manufacture and produce semi-transparent BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaic) solutions. NSG Group chose to collaborate with Solaria due to the company’s BIPV technology and manufacturing processes that combine aesthetics, economics, energy efficiency and design flexibility.

“NSG Group believes in making a difference to our world through glass technology and our collaboration with Solaria underscores our commitment to sustainability,” said Sing Koo, value added product manager, NSG Group Architectural Glass Europe. “We have expanded our product line to include BIPV powered-by-Solaria because we believe that BIPV solutions will be the next solar technology to be adopted by the mainstream as the building and construction industries strive to meet global mandates.”

NSG Group has experience in high efficiency architectural glass solutions and is extending its product line into BIPV, incorporating Solaria’s PowerView technologies as part of an OEM relationship. Establishing a BIPV supply chain signifies that BIPV is commercially ready for mainstream adoption. The next level will see BIPV solutions being integrated into IGU and glass products for building facades.  The first Pilkington branded glass products powered by Solaria include architectural glass with unified vision, daylighting, glare control, improved thermal performance and energy generation.
“Solaria is honored to collaborate with NSG Group to manufacture an architectural solar product, powered by Solaria’s proven PV technology,” said Udi Paret, GM building solutions, Solaria Corporation. “Until now, BIPV has struggled to gain momentum due to the lack of a proven supply chain in place. Combining Pilkington’s depth and breadth in the glass industry with Solaria’s PV technology, the industry has a way to confidently deploy BIPV and realize its benefits on a large scale.”
From now on building and construction decision makers will have access to solutions as part of the Pilkington product range, such as insulating glass units which are widely used in building (glass) facades.

NSG Group will collaborate further with Solaria to ensure performance, quality and reliability of additional products including active frit solutions, high power density spandrel glass, and a bifacial solar solution.

This full line of solar solutions will provide architects with BIPV products that can replace traditional glass products to enable developers aim for net zero energy and unlock the power generating potential of buildings.

NSG Group will launch the first products in Europe with plans to expand markets to include the Middle East and beyond.

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