Panelized Version of Stone Veneer Shortens Installation Time

Cultured Stone, the company that pioneered the manufactured stone veneer category, continues to innovate by launching a panelized version of its Drystack Ledgestone profile in three color options; rubicon, melrose and high plains. As the darkest palette in the profile, rubicon presents a contemporary blend of deep grays and carbon-inspired tones. For those seeking more neutral shades, melrose incorporates a assortment of light-gray hues, and high plains showcases an earthy grouse color with tan undertones that accentuate its rustic textures. The colors provide a variety of options to integrate with any design style, and the panelized system makes installation more efficient at a time when labor shortages within the building industry are high.

The panelized version of the Drystack Ledgestone profile includes three colors options.
The panelized version of the Drystack Ledgestone profile includes three colors options.

There is a growing need to incorporate time-saving solutions for both new construction and remodeling projects as contractors struggle to find qualified laborers and meet high construction demand. A survey commissioned by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce found that 91 percent of contractors, construction managers, builders and trade contractors reported having a difficult or moderately difficult time finding skilled workers. Understanding that this shortage includes a decrease in skilled stone masons, Cultured Stone takes the lead in innovation through the debut of a panelized system that makes installation more efficient.

Drystack Ledgestone panels provide the same textural variations present in the non-panelized profile, which is notable for its ability to capture both light and shadow in the interplay of carefully selected and shaped stones that have been tight-fitted for drystack installation. Architects and designers prefer Drystack Ledgestone for its texture and color variation, which blends well with both contemporary and traditional design styles.

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