Partnership Supports ULT and DLC Distributor Networks Across British Columbia

Panasonic Lighting Americas Inc. recently announced a strategic partnership with Inter-Lite Sales (ILS). Based in Coquitlam, British Columbia, the agency will support both Universal Lighting Technologies (ULT) and Douglas Lighting Controls (DLC) distributor networks across the British Columbia region.

Panasonic Lighting Americas provides technical leadership, supply chain security, cost-effective reliability, and innovative lighting control solutions under the ULT and DLC brands. The company designs, manufactures and commercializes advanced lighting solutions for any job.

“We are excited to find a partner like Inter-Lite Sales to represent us in British Columbia,” says Rob Mahaffey, general manager of Douglas Lighting Controls. “As this is our home market where we are headquartered, we have taken time and care to select the right agency that would ensure a high level of service for our current and future customers. Moving forward, our mutual customers will benefit from being able to obtain a full lighting package from ILS who will be working closely with Douglas and Universal to continue to provide fast turnarounds, competitive products and pricing, and best in class technical support for our lighting projects.”

ILS is an independent sales agency responsible for marketing and promoting lighting and lighting controls solutions for the province of British Columbia, Canada. The agency is managed by its two equal partners: Colin Bird and Dale Hartley. ILS has office locations in Coquitlam and Victoria, British Columbia, and has served the needs of electrical distributors, contractors, lighting designers, architects and engineers for over 40 years.

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