Perforated Aluminum Products Feature New Hole Patterns

Lorin Industries Inc. announced that it has updated coil anodized aluminum for perforated aluminum products in architectural and construction applications to include new hole patterns, including a square pattern. Perforated anodized aluminum delivers functionality, durability and aesthetics. The coil anodizing process protects the aluminum while also improving its aesthetic properties and durability.

Perforated aluminum products deliver functionality, durability and aesthetics.
Perforated aluminum products deliver functionality, durability and aesthetics.

Long used for parking garages in order to promote airflow without the addition of mechanical ventilation systems, perforated anodized aluminum is gaining in popularity in other architectural and construction applications for its aesthetic qualities and other functional benefits, like screening sunlight, particulates, noise, and rain. Though other metals can be perforated, anodized aluminum is typically specified for the building construction industry because of its strength-to-weight ratio, light weight, recyclability, corrosion resistance and more.

In an effort to create a gathering place for all Austin, Texas, citizens, the city built a new 200,000 square foot central library featuring Lorin’s perforated anodized aluminum, fabricated into panels by Lorin. In one area, the anodized perforated panels provide shade for the building and its entrances, while in another section, a large perforated panel incorporates literary quotes that are visible on the building’s floor as light shines through the metal. Together, the panels add to the overall building aesthetic.

Lorin perforated anodized aluminum can be installed on architectural projects with standard electric hand tools (drills, impact guns, levels). Once sized for installation, most panels are light enough to install without a crane, thus lowering installation costs and risks.

Lorin coil anodizes aluminum after it has been perforated. This is done to protect the inside edges of the perforations and to ensure that color is consistent throughout the entire perforated anodized sheet, including inside the holes. Lorin enables customers to select the percentage of openness of the perforated aluminum, thus meeting a range of functional and aesthetic needs. For customers who want to create unique hole patterns not available in coil form, Lorin offers a surface and color fade warranty when its anodized aluminum is perforated after anodizing.

Read more information about Lorin and perforated, coil anodized aluminum applications within the construction and architectural industries.

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