PIMA Releases Technical Bulletin on High-Density Polyiso Cover Boards

The Polyisocyanurate Insulation Manufacturers Association (PIMA) has announced the release of a technical bulletin detailing the advantages of High-Density Polyiso cover boards. High-Density Polyiso cover boards are a component in roof systems, providing a substrate for roofing membranes and protection for underlying insulation.

“PIMA’s new technical bulletin illustrates that High-Density Polyiso cover boards perform well with less structural loading and improved long-term maintenance when compared to other options,” says Justin Koscher, president of PIMA. “We see broad acceptance of these high-density boards in both new construction and the retrofitting of existing roofs.”

According to the technical bulletin, High-Density Polyiso cover boards, when compared to other options offer project teams several advantages:

  • Can be shipped with approximately three times more square feet per truck load
  • Are lighter than alternatives of the same thickness
  • Require less crane time and are easy to maneuver around the roof which can decrease the hoisting, loading and staging costs
  • Are virtually dust-free during the cutting process, eliminating itchy residue
  • Can be cut without specialized tools
  • Can be lifted by a single worker

High-Density Polyiso cover boards also provide high R-value, water and mold resistance while boasting durability and service life. Their compressive, flexural and tensile strength provide impact resistance from foot traffic, hail, and other extreme weather. These boards also contribute toward meeting or exceeding continuous insulation standards and can qualify buildings that use them for preferred insurance ratings.

“In terms of both installation and effectiveness over time, High-Density Polyiso cover boards provide savings and deliver results from installation through the life of the roof,” adds Koscher.

The technical bulletin with full details can be found along with other information about polyiso products on PIMA’s website.

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