Podcast Empowers Construction Professionals to Share Their Know-how

Construction professionals want to talk about what they do, and they want to hear what people just like themselves say about it, too.

Making all that happen in digital space is a more-than-full-time job, explains content creator Bryan Abdallah, the man behind a podcast called “The Versatex Way,” found here and also on Google and Apple. Bryan, Versatex social media / field marketing manager, has spent the past 18 months seeking out top contractors, architects and building-products manufacturers, and inviting them to pod-share their perspectives.

Downloadable versions of these conversations now feed the earbuds of industry professionals during drive time and downtime, according to Sales and Marketing VP Rick Kapres, of Versatex Building Products, LLC. “More than ever, we’re transmitting value-added ideas to our customers and collaborators, wherever they are,” he says. “These podcasts present news you can use, in coordination with our social media, online and Brand Ambassador banks of expertise.”

With 19 episodes (and counting) available via Apple Podcasts, Google Play and SoundCloud, “The Versatex Way” stresses community-building over sales talk. As a result, Bryan reports enthusiastic listener feedback on episodes like:

• “From an Architect’s Mind,” with architect David Layman of Hooker DeJong Inc., in Muskegon, Mich.

• “Taking Risks With New Building Materials,” featuring luxury custom homebuilder John Seifert of Seifert Construction, in Mattituck, N.Y.

• “Not All PVC Trim Is Created Equal,” in which Bryan chats with PVC formulation and extrusion expert (and Versatex president) John Pace

Contractor David Parraguirre of The Mexican Carpenter, based in Hudson, N.Y., is a fan. “Thanks to ‘The Versatex Way’,” he says, “I can keep up with all the awesome work the contractors in my area are doing.”

Dan Arket of TEKRA Builders, Poughquag, N.Y., agrees. “Listening to ‘The Versatex Way’ allows me to constantly improve, both as a business owner and as a craftsman.”

“We try to keep the content useful, but informal and fun to hear,” Bryan says. “Authentic storytelling is still the most effective way to communicate. And I think that’s why we’re finding audiences not only all over the U.S., but in Europe—and among a surprising number of listeners in Australia.”

“Ideas for episodes come from contractors, remodelers, lumber yard people, architects and custom millworkers I meet, on the job and at trade shows like IBS,” he says. “Got a new perspective or experience that might interest a widespread residential-construction audience? Tell me about it, at [email protected] ‘The Versatex Way’ is designed to empower all kinds of professionals and companies to share their know-how.”

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