Polyglass Manufacturing Plants Increase Employee Health & Safety Precautions

Polyglass recognizes the progressive actions that its leadership and employees at the manufacturing plants are taking to stay safe and healthy while continuing a regular production schedule. While the corporate and administrative departments are working from home, the employees at the plants are dedicated and working hard to keep products moving in their new working environment. As an essential business, all five of the U.S. plants are able remain open and supplying materials to service essential businesses because of the extreme precautions in ensuring sanitization, social distancing, and PPE for employees.  

“At Polyglass, we have two, equally important priorities in this time of crisis. The first is to ensure all of our employees, and thus their families and communities, remain safe and healthy,” says Matt Rupnick, plant manager at Polyglass. “The second is to continue production as usual, in order to ensure that our customers, especially essential businesses, can access our products in order to maintain the integrity of their building envelope.”

Polyglass’ manufacturing plants have taken steps to maintain employee health and safety in this time far beyond those guidelines for social distancing outlined by the CDC. From installing additional handwashing stations and providing employees with PPE, to making hand sanitizer from existing isopropyl stocks and checking employee temperatures before entrance to facilities, Polyglass has implemented policies to protect employees. The company has also increased sanitizing procedures in all facilities, including daily sanitizing of high-touch areas and a weekly deep cleaning of all manufacturing environments on weekends.

“All of the extra measures we’ve undertaken mean increased safety and peace of mind for employees, partners, customers, and the families and communities we’re all a part of,” Troy Hanson, corporate environmental, health and safety manager adds. “By keeping one another safe, we’re also ensuring that our customers can effectively seal their roofs and waterproof their buildings to keep occupants safe as well.”

The company continues to adapt and update policies as new information comes to light about the COVID-19 pandemic. Polyglass’ manufacturing plant leadership plans to maintain stable production rates and while ensuring the utmost safety of employees and the community.

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