Power Meter Avoids Outages, Equipment Damage and Failures

Schneider Electric has announced the expansion of the PowerLogic ION9000 series power meter range with the PowerLogic ION9000T. Engineered on the PowerLogic platform, the ION9000T adds high-speed transient capture capabilities, helping critical facilities avoid outages, equipment damage, failures, and interruption of operations.

PowerLogic ION9000T helps critical facilities avoid outages, equipment damage, failures and interruption of operations.
PowerLogic ION9000T helps critical facilities avoid outages, equipment damage, failures and interruption of operations.

Originating inside a customer’s facility or from the utility grid, high-speed transient voltages can damage a facility’s electrical systems and disappear before they can be detected, ultimately leading to poor performance, gradual breakdown, or abrupt failure. Industrial facilities can experience many such transients every hour, with voltage impulses exceeding 5 to 10 times the nominal system voltage. Discovering these harmonics and their root causes, and then taking steps to mitigate them, extends the life of equipment insulation.

Innovation at Six Levels

The PowerLogic ION9000T meter builds on the advancements of the latest generation of power quality meters and the successes of the ION9000 and ION7650. It shares the core innovations of the original meters, but also adds high-speed transient capture capabilities:

  • Impulsive and oscillatory transient detection and capture with 10 MHz sampling (>100ns duration, 10kV) on 4 phase voltages and ability to provide an event view based on analytics of the event.
  • Performance, with third-party certified Class 0.1S accuracy – twice the precision of existing energy standards – to unlock additional possibilities for energy savings and ensure the meter can comply with performance for revenue grade applications.
  • Cybersecurity ready, designed to align with comprehensive grid cybersecurity policies, helping to eliminate vulnerabilities to critical power assets and systems.
  • Onboard power quality analysis provides useful information, not just data, and it does so via its onboard PQ tool, according to EN50160 and IEEE519 standards. The ION9000 also has extended waveform capture and patented disturbance direction detection (DDD).
  • Smart power event analysis automatically correlates related trends, events, and waveforms based on time and type of incident, saving time and providing vital insight with pre- and post-incident data.
  • Patented ION programmability allows users to adapt as their power networks become more dynamic, tailoring programming to accommodate complex electrical distribution monitoring or custom substation automation – protecting their investment into the future.

An EcoStruxure Power Connected Offer

Like, the ION9000, the ION9000T is a key element in the EcoStruxure Power platform, part of Schneider Electric’s Schneider Electric’s open, interoperable, IoT-enabled system architecture delivering value around safety, reliability, efficiency, sustainability and connectivity for our customers.  The ION9000T is an addition to the company’s connected products offering and is a new platform within a connected and integrated power distribution network. Read more information on the PowerLogic ION9000T series meter.

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