Project Profiles: Education

New York State Police Academy, Albany


The project incorporates 5,696 square feet combining WoodTrends wood-veneered acoustical Topline wall and ceiling panels and Sound Quality fabric-wrapped acoustical wall panels.

The wall and ceiling materials included reflective and absorptive types of WoodTrends wood-veneer panels and Sound Quality fabric-wrapped panels. The thickness of the elements varied from 3/4 to 4 inches; however, the vertical plane on the face of the walls remains unchanged because the concealed blocking varies in depth. Sound Quality S-2100 High Impact Fabric-wrapped fiberglass insulation boards were used to be absorbent where necessary but also S-3000 Reflective Fabric-wrapped sheets of solid medium density fiberboard were used to act as a reflective surface, allowing a seamless transition between the two variations on the same surface.

Cherry-wood-veneer Topline panels and planks, in addition to solid cherry millwork trims, were used throughout the project to create a timeless look. The absorptive Topline panels have a perforation spacing of 14/2 (14-millimeter wood and 2-millimeter groove space) with 2 inches of fiberglass insulation mounted behind, thus achieving an NRC rating of 0.75. The design pattern of a 3/4-inch black reveal between the wood-veneer panels required the panels to be fabricated with a variety
of recessed edge profiles to meet several types of wall conditions.

Four large and reflective wood-veneer ceiling clouds were designed to hang above the center stage. These clouds were constructed at 8-feet wide by 16-feet long. The clouds’ convex and concave curves required complex and custom fabrication.

The early stages of the project required the space to be “gutted”, which revealed the 22-foot-high masonry block sidewalls were not adequately braced to meet current code requirements. The design team was able to incorporate steel columns for the wall bracing to be hidden inside the new wood-veneer pilasters on the two sidewalls.

The four, large wood-veneer ceiling clouds had to be made and delivered in four individual sections versus pre-assembled offsite. This was necessary to access the inside of the building for final assembly.

Wall and Ceiling Panels: Sound Seal

The Retrofit

The New York State Police Academy was originally constructed in 1967 with minimal concern around acoustic performance. The primary goal of this renovation was to use the full knowledge of acoustical design, materials and technology to create a space that users could enjoy for many years into the future.

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