REHAU Appoints William Christensen as CEO

The Supervisory Board of the global REHAU Group announced that William Christensen was appointed to CEO of REHAU. Christensen was previously the chief marketing officer and is replacing Rainer Schulz, who has run the company since 2010.

“We are pleased that William Christensen with his international management experience is taking the helm”, says Jobst Wagner, president of the REHAU Supervisory Board. Christensen has been with REHAU since April 2016. The 45-year-old completed his studies in the USA and, prior to joining REHAU, among others served on the Group Executive Board of Geberit, where he was responsible for international sales.

The new CFO will be Kurt Plattner, taking over the responsibilities of Dieter Gleisberg. Plattner has been with REHAU for 25 years and was head of treasury, controlling & finance at its head office in Muri, Switzerland.

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