Replacement Lamp Features Plug-n-Play Installation

Foreverlamp introduces the RS Series 1000W Replacement lamp available in 52,000 lumens.

Foreverlamp introduces the RS Series 1000W Replacement lamp available in 52,000 lumens.

Foreverlamp has announced the RS Series 1000W Replacement lamp is now available in 52,000 lumens.  The RS Series was designed to address the needs of providing an energy efficient alternative to traditional 750W – 1000W HID lamps. The LED lamp delivers a choice of 52,000 lumens at 460 watts or 45,000 lumens at 400 watts. The RS Series 1000W MHO lamp will save 530 watts per socket over MH providing an eco-friendly alternative with the simple screw in replacement of a light bulb.  
The RS Series 1000W lamp is available in two lumen packages delivering both 460W (112 Lm/W) and 380W (118 Lm/W) with a CRI of 83 in 5000K.  Designed for use with any open fixture and comes with a standard 5 year warranty.   
The Foreverlamp Replacement Lamp Series of plug-n-play bulbs features a patented cooling system and a design that allows for plug-n-play installation.   Each lamp is designed to work with the existing magnetic ballast and sockets and doesn’t require any re-wiring, reconfiguration and/or contractors to install.  Installation involves unscrewing the existing Metal Halide lamp and replacing it with a Foreverlamp. 
Foreverlamp RS Series 1000W Replacement Lamp product features:

  • 1000W Direct Replacement LED lamp

  • Two lumen packages: MHO-52,000 lumens/460W/112 Lm/W and SHO-45,000 lumens/380W/118 Lm/W
  • 5000K, +83 CRI

  • Instant On/Off
  • Dimmable with LED driver
  • Saves up to 530 Watts Per Socket
  • Works with existing magnetic probe and pulse start ballasts
  • Replaces traditional Metal Halide Lamps for 1000W and 750W
  • Patented cooling and innovative design
  • Features Direct-Fit EZ Install technology
  • UL Recognized. LM 79 & LM 80 Reports available
  • 50,000 hours
  • 5-year unconditional warranty

Foreverlamp products create efficiencies in sustainable warehouse, retail, recreational and commercial operations. The LED lighting solutions enable customers to re-use their existing lighting fixtures in an eco-friendly manner by replacing a light bulb. Utilizing Foreverlamp products as a retrofit lamp solution can help companies reduce operating costs, positively impacting employee productivity, and aide in reaching sustainability goals. 

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