Retail and Hospitality Project Profiles

One Hundred Oaks Mall, Nashville, Tenn.

TEAM: Owner: 100 Oaks Plaza, LLC, Dallas // Architect: Gresham, Smith and Partners, Nashville, Tenn., // Wall Panel Installer: JWC Specialties, Nashville, // Wall Panel Manufacturer: Dri-Design, Holland, Mich.,

The 40-year-old One Hundred Oaks Mall has undergone a major transformation to become a significant mixed-use development with a major new tenant, the Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Approximately 40,000 square feet of 0.80 aluminum exterior panels in a dove gray color helped to modernize the look. The exterior façade of the 880-square-foot mall was originally brick, precast and exterior insulation and finish system. The renovation plan required knocking out exterior walls and creating framed openings for windows, allowing the developers the option of choosing a new exterior material.

BeforeAfter alt=Bi-Lo Grocery Store, Greenville, S.C.

TEAM: Manufacturer: Prescolite, Greenville, S.C.,

Bi-Lo Grocery Store is a retail chain with stores throughout the Southeast. Its administrators wanted to find a way to invest in technology that reduced the stores’ energy costs. Using the Verdae Boulevard location as a test store, the administrators replaced the existing lighting in the produce section; the lighting consisted of 18, 39 Watt metal halide fixtures, which measured 816W draw, 6.8 amps and120v.

Prescolite’s AKT6LED track head was selected and 12, 13.8W LED fixtures were installed using a156W measured draw, 1.3 amps and 120v. Created specifically for supermarket and retail applications the AKT6LED was chosen because it generates less glare while producing higher levels of contrast in the merchandising space. The new lighting system will achieve an estimated 80-percent reduction in energy consumption based on operating, replacement lamp, HVAC reduction and maintenance costs.

The Orleans, Sacramento, Calif.

TEAM: Developer: Harvego Enterprises LLC, Gold River, Calif., (916)-526-2800 // Architect: monighandesign, Sacramento, Calif., // General Contractors: J.R. Roberts/Deacon Inc., Citrus Heights, Calif., // Window and Door Distributor: Burnett & Sons Millwork, Sacramento, // Window and Door Manufacturer: Kolbe & Kolbe Millwork Co. Inc., Wausau, Wis.,

Once known as the Gold Rush-era hotel where California’s early state politics took shape, The Orleans now stands as a mixed-use space, including 24 lofts with ground-floor retail and a high-end restaurant. Monighandesign fastidiously recreated the 3-story street front to match the 1865 original architectural proportions and details.

Contributing to this replica exterior, 10-foot-high, wood double doors and large windows with performance divided lites open onto the boardwalk. Double-hung and casement windows also were chosen for the 2-story addition, which was designed to carefully conceal the expansion from direct view and preserve the historic facade.

Bruce Monighan, AIA, and his team digitally enhanced and enlarged the available image to capture the lithograph’s depiction. “We did it old-school and used rulers and calipers to measure the image’s details and compared them to the existing structures. From this, we were able to determine the height of a balcony, size of a window, symmetry and proportion of the configurations and even the thickness of the walls.”

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