Screenflex Portable Room Dividers Can Be Shipped in 10 Days or Less

Screenflex Portable Room Dividers has been exceeding customers’ expectations in efficiency amidst worldwide supply chain disruptions. This room divider company orders its parts early and manufactures quickly to avoid any delays that are out of its control.

In the current supply chain since the pandemic, many furniture companies can have a lead time of one to several months. Screenflex surpasses this timeline by manufacturing and shipping each product out to the customer in 10 business days or less as the standard lead time. Also, depending on demand, Screenflex products can be quick-shipped within five business days.

To help mitigate the risks of shortages or delays, Screenflex stocks its shelves with materials well before a customer orders a product. They utilize a core group of multiple suppliers for their room divider parts and typically order ahead of time to make sure their shelves are always full. Screenflex will even request a partial shipment from a different supplier if necessary.

In addition to quickly replenishing their raw materials inventory, Screenflex works ahead of time to keep several fully assembled dividers and other products in stock as well. When one of these stock items is close enough to a customer’s needs, it can be a quick option that easily ships out ahead of the standard lead time.

The issues in the supply chain have not only slowed down shipping times but also caused a lot of companies to raise their prices due to higher demand. However, Screenflex has been working hard to keep their prices the same throughout the year despite these rising inflation costs of their raw parts. This partition company maintains its prices by forecasting and preparing for all of the supply chain factors early on. Then, when disruptions occur, Screenflex puts its customers first by absorbing the extra costs of the product instead.

Screenflex customers continue to express their appreciation for the cost, efficiency, and quality of their partition ordering process. When asked about their purchasing experience, Sarah Cain with Asheville City Schools, said, “We are very happy with the product. [Screenflex] provided excellent service. They were responsive and helped us problem solve, and the fast timing was amazing!”

By providing these high-quality products in a quick turnaround time to the customer, Screenflex continues to be a trusted supplier amongst facility managers.

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