Series of LED Drivers Features NFC Programmability

Inventronics has expanded on their new LUN series of IP54 LED drivers to include models supplying up to 95W of power which are optimized for industrial and high bay applications. These models are in addition to the models supplying up to 42W of power. The programmable series simplifies inventory management by providing three constant-power models with output currents from 700-2800mA. Equipped with the feature of wireless programming via Near-field Communication (NFC) they offer OEMs flexibility. OEMs are provided added design ease with isolated 0-10V dimming that allows users to select the optimal dimming curves with adjustable minimum dimming levels from 5-10 percent.

LUN-095SxxxDT(ST) LED drivers can be programmed using any Zhaga Book 24 compatible programmers.
LUN-095SxxxDT(ST) LED drivers can be programmed using any Zhaga Book 24 compatible programmers.

Since the output current of the LUN-095SxxxDT(ST) can be configured without power or a mains connection. The fixture can be adjusted at any time and it allows for in-application troubleshooting. NFC programming also provides time savings to help streamline production and reduce costs associated with training production-line staff. The LUN family can be programmed using the Inventronics PRG-NFC-D desktop programmer, PRG-NFC-H handheld programmer or any Zhaga Book 24 compatible programmers which allows manufacturers to wirelessly set the output current and minimum dimming levels.

The LUN-095SxxxDT offers flicker-free isolated 1-10V dimming to meet UL requirements and dimming to 5 percent, giving it a consistent light quality performance. OEMs can pre-set the driver dimming levels for the optimal settings in different applications to provide the end user with installation and set-up ease. The LUN-095SxxxST series are non-dimmable models for applications that do not require that feature. For added energy savings the LUN-095SxxxDT(ST) utilizes a 12V/20mA auxiliary power so it can easily be paired with occupancy-based sensors.

This series is IP54 rated and is ideal for industrial and high bay applications. They are highly dependable with a patented novel construction of integrated magnetics and have a calculated lifetime of at least 107,000 hours at a case temperature of 75 C. Designed to supply long-term reliability and handle industrial applications, they are equipped with an added level of input surge protection at 6 kV Line-to-Line and 6 kV Line-to-Earth. The LUN-095SxxxDT(ST) allows OEMS to also benefit from the added flexibility of the UL Class P certification, faster time to market and reduced inventory SKUs. Their Class 2 output voltage and power levels add even more convenience, simplifying luminaire design through limiting the power and no-load voltage.

The LUN-095SxxxDT(ST) operates over a 90-305Vac/127-250Vdc input voltage and is approved to UL Class P, NOM, FCC, CE, KS, CB and ENEC which allows it to be used in several countries around the world. Production quantities are available now. For a full datasheet please visit the Indoor LED Drivers with NFC Wireless Programming product page or contact your Inventronics sales team representative or Inventronics approved distributor.

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