SnapCount Announces Launch of Certification Program

SnapCount has announced the official launch of the SnapCount Certification Program. The SnapCount Certification Program provides SnapCount users with the opportunity to qualify and showcase their SnapCount expertise based on a combination of field level experience, online curriculum and thorough examination, assessing their knowledge of both SnapCount software as well as actual in-the-field scenarios and familiarity.

SnapCount will offer several certification opportunities to their customer base and affiliated contractors based on the various uses of the platform, the first of which is the auditing function of SnapCount (titled SnapCount Network Accredited Professional – Audit or SNAP-A). Through achieving certification, SnapCount users will have the opportunity to join the SnapCount Network and receive collaboration and partnership opportunities with other SnapCount users nationwide.

 “We have seen a continuous influx of requests from SnapCount customers seeking partners to help them audit, bid or install comprehensive lighting retrofit projects, and they want to be sure that those professionals are trained in their digital go-to-market methods,” says Jeff Seifert, COO of StreamLinx. “The SnapCount Certification program provides a high-quality stamp of approval for partners as well as the means to make meaningful connections in the marketplace.”

Of the certification program launch, SnapCount customer Tim Donovan states, “This is a great way to extend our reach at Donovan Energy and ensure that energy audits can be completed in a quality manner by SnapCount users. Not only can this help drive exciting and profitable project opportunities to Donovan Energy, but we could also have confidence in reaching out to other SnapCount Certified retrofit contractors to help us complete our projects. Making use of excess or under-utilized audit and install laborers is critical during the general lighting labor shortage.”

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