Solid Surface Collection Empowers Architects and Designers

Durasein expands its solid surface design options by adding 32 colors and four color lines.

Durasein expands its solid surface design options by adding 32 colors and four color lines.

Durasein announced that it has added 32 colors and four color lines; expanding its total offerings to 68 design aesthetics in solid surface. The four color lines, ColorZ, Lineer, Tivoli, and Vino, were inspired by nature and the Feng Shui principle of balance. Durasein materials and colors can be customized into anything, from three-dimensional patterns, curved surfaces, and organic shapes to a full scope of architectural and decor elements that merge purposeful with imaginative.

Durasein pure acrylic solid surface is ideal for a variety of commercial spaces, including hospitals; hotels; restaurants; offices; dormitories; senior care facilities; and retail environments. Durasein surface is resistant to bacteria; stains; fire; water; chemicals; heat; and UV light and are produced in an assortment of sheet widths.

ColorZ offers a full spectrum of 10 solid colors emanating a vibrancy. Colors range from brilliant high chroma to subtle drama, allowing designers to mix unexpected combinations to create dynamic interior spaces.

Inspired by bamboo forests, Lineer expresses itself in five colors of striated wood grain patterns. Its architectural structure allows it to be used as a pattern or as an impressionistic wood. Lineer is applicable across several interior disciplines.

Tivoli’s beauty is both man-made and earth-made, expressing natural stone in three color varieties. Its textured quality, subtle linear structure, and concentrated particulates draw the eye into it.

Vino, offered in nine hushed neutral colors, flows in a way that suggests nature’s ebbs and flows. This palette can be applied to several other materials.

In addition to the new palettes, Durasein has added new colors to the original QuarZ and Classic Collection. QuarZ, a quartz-like solid surface line, adds four neutral colors. The Classic Collection adds Concrete, a functional choice with a balance of warm-cool undertones.

Through innovation, Durasein solid surface can be produced as sheet materials, textured wall panels, and custom shapes. Its applications include countertops; wall cladding; shower solutions; partitions; and other creative architectural elements. More possibilities are open for designers and fabricators.

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