Sound Barrier Can Be Attached to Most Types of Fencing

Acoustiblok Corp. introduces its Landscape Green Acoustifence.Acoustiblok Corp. introduces its Landscape Green Acoustifence.

Acoustiblok Corp. introduces its Landscape Green Acoustifence.

Acoustiblok Corp. introduces its Landscape Green Acoustifence.

Acoustiblok Corp. introduces its Landscape Green Acoustifence. Acoustifence is designed as an advanced sound barrier that can easily be attached to most types of fencing. The new green shade easily blends into the environment making it ideal for landscaping projects, residential home use and outdoor applications where blending into the natural foliage is a concern.

This product still has the same sound deadening properties as the original Black Industrial and is composed of a unique proprietary formula of heavy mineral filled viscoelastic polymer material that is 1/8-inch thick, and made and sourced in the U.S. It comes in 6- by 30-foot sections and is one of the most effective first steps in reducing noise for many applications including industrial, commercial and residential. Acoustifence has been tested in independent certified acoustical labs and the measurements (STC 28, representing an 85 percent reduction to the human ear) are very accurate, however, results will vary depending on fence height, reflections off surrounding environment, distances, elevations and noise frequencies.

Unlike a concrete block wall, Acoustifence actually flexes with certain frequencies, especially very low frequencies, such as railroad or truck road noise and AC or heat pumps. In the process of sound waves physically moving it, the product transforms sound wave energy into inaudible internal friction energy. As the Acoustifence is 1/8-inch thick, it is easy to position it closer to the noise source. The closer a barrier is to the noise source the more restricting it becomes to the initial sound waves. It is also economical making it a cost-effective choice as the first line of defense against noise pollution. Another beneficial quality of the product is that it is quick and easy to install. Two people can easily complete the installation in a matter of hours when attaching it to an existing chain link fence.

Considered green and environmentally friendly, the barium-free Acoustifence is 100 percent recyclable, does not contain lead, fiberglass or asbestos, and is UV-resistant, impervious to water and mold. Dirt, grime and graffiti can also easily be removed compared to other surfaces. Used extensively by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Acoustifence has proven success in many demanding applications and is an effective defense against outdoor noise pollution.

Acoustifence has been used successfully in industrial settings, on construction and fracking sites, for mass-transit rail lines, road noise, restaurants, clubs, dog kennels and parks, residential homes, Pickleball courts and more.

Acoustifence features: UV tolerant, paintable (acrylic latex vinyl based), easy to install or remove from existing fence, impervious to water, totally non-mold (rated 10 of 10), made from more than 90 percent recycled or organic material, 100 percent recyclable, vermin-proof, easily washed, STC 28 independent lab certified and made in U.S. from all U.S. materials. Acoustifence is available by the roll, and can be ordered reinforced with a selected number of grommets depending on the application.

For those interested in a more custom look, Acoustiblok offers Acoustifence-Landscape attachments. These high-quality landscape attachments fit directly over the Acoustifence to provide a realistic landscape appearance. A variety of landscape attachments are available to choose from, including floral gardens, green meadows, English garden walls and other scenic illustrations to blend into any natural backdrop or enhance an unfinished yard or property.

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